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#68 - Year End Stress

Year End Stress

The end of the year is often a joyous time but it can come with a fair amount of stress as well with work deadlines, time off work, gift buying, etc. While some thrive in the stress, others could do without it. Here a few quick things to remember:

  1. You are not alone. Take encouragement from the fact that many of the people you interact with this week are experiencing the stress as well.

  2. Remember the big picture. It is easy to become hyper-focused on the short term. A few weeks from now many of the things that are causing stress will be checked off the ToDo list.

  3. Encouragement to still be diligent despite the stress.

  4. For some, the stress is specifically financially related. Remember an intentional meaningful gift could cost significantly less but hold much more “value.” The value of a gift does not necessarily correlate with the cost of the gift.


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