Recently, I had a client share some insightful wisdom.

We were talking about Wesley (my relatively newborn son). He mentioned how easy it was to always be looking forward to the next stage- potty trained, eating real food, etc. Purpose and meaning can be found in every stage though. Don't allow today's moments to be wasted on wishing for tomorrow.

This applies to many other aspects of life as well. Financial advisers are often looking toward the future. What are...

My friend Scott is one of the wisest people I know. Every month, he hosts a Kingdom Advisors study group. A few different times at the group, he has shared his “why” behind being a financial advisor. He discovered his “why” by literally asking “why” five times. It is incredibly intentional and valuable. I want to share it with you (paraphrased below). 

1. Why do financial planning? To assist individuals in making intentional decisions.
2. Why is that important?...

A sunk cost is a cost that has already been paid that is irrelevant to future decisions.

Here is a personal scenario- I was deciding what I should do for health coverage given that I am self-employed. Do I sign up under my wife’s work or find an additional option? I chose an outside option that had a non-refundable $200 application fee. Thereafter, I learned my wife’s work was going to be offering a new lower cost health plan at the next open enrollment. Should the r...

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#2 - Filling Buckets

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Weekly email from Treavor on money and life. Learn more about Treavor's approach.