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#166 - Work Is Good

Work Is Good

For some of you, this statement will seem obvious. For others, it may surprise you. Others may even be slightly put off by it.

Regardless, I want you to at least consider that this statement is true - work is good.

Whether you view work as a “bad” thing to be tolerated (more of a means to an end) or as a good thing that allows you to create, produce, and live in meaningful community has massive cultural, theological, and financial implications.

While I am not going to attempt to dive into all of them (read Timothy Keller - Every Good Endeavor), all I am going to say is at least consider if work may actually be good.

Let me attempt an example. I grew up in eastern Colorado on a farm. We grew wheat, corn, sunflowers, etc. Every July (or late June if it was a dry year) would be wheat harvest. We would spend 15+ hour days sometimes bringing in the harvest. You felt like you were feeding the world as you brought hundreds of thousands of pounds of grain out of the field. They were long days but it was so good.

I believe work is good. I actually believe it is a part of what separates us as image bearers of God (video). Isn't it so fulfilling to do your best creating or building something and to step back and say, "Mmm that is good."

What are your thoughts? Do you see work as good or bad? How does that view impact your life?

As we celebrate Easter this weekend, reflect on our good God who accomplished the greatest work on our behalf on the cross. He is good and his love endures forever.


Eternal Perspective Ministries - We Could Never Earn God’s Grace

  • “God has seen us at our worst and still loved us. No skeletons will fall out of our closets in eternity. God won’t say, 'Well, if I’d known that I never would’ve let Randy into Heaven!' God knows all my sins. Jesus died for them all. No exceptions.”

  • Love the chart he references in this article. Note this is a percentage change. So anytime the line is above zero your investment is going up and anytime it is below your investment would go down. You can see the S&P 500 goes up much more often than it goes down.

  • Personal finance education pays huge dividends. Read this simply to learn. Note: In addition to having to be covered by a HDHP you also can’t be at the same time covered by a non-HDHP if you want to contribute to an HSA.


Thank you for reading!

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