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#13 - The "Why" Behind Financial Planning

My friend Scott is one of the wisest people I know. Every month, he hosts a Kingdom Advisors study group. A few different times at the group, he has shared his “why” behind being a financial advisor. He discovered his “why” by literally asking “why” five times. It is incredibly intentional and valuable. I want to share it with you (paraphrased below).

1. Why do financial planning? To assist individuals in making intentional decisions. 2. Why is that important? Intentional financial decisions assist in developing financial peace of mind. 3. Why is that important? Financial peace of mind is a step towards setting financial finish lines. 4. Why is that important? Financial finish lines result in generous giving. 5. Why is that important? Generous giving results in the funding of the Great Commission.

Why do financial planning? To fund the Great Commission.

I am currently in the process of honing down my answer to “Why financial planning?” Knowing your why can be an inspiration to yourself and others. This is especially true if you find yourself stuck in the “dark swamp of despair.”


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  • If we always feel comfortable, we are not learning as fast as we could. Carl Richards says, “Think of being in over your head as a little magic box. In one side goes the old you and out the other side comes a 2x or 10x version of yourself.”

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  • Another article from Jeremy Walter this week. I thought about this article as I was writing. Knowing your why can be extremely valuable in defining “successful success.”


Thank you for reading! What is your why?


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