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#142 - Market Update

Market Recap

Quick confession, I realized when writing this that I have been looking at the current market return far too frequently.

I actually believe (and would encourage the general investor) to check your investment return somewhat infrequently as I believe frequently looking at it can magnify the emotions of fear and greed that lead to poor investment behavior.

I am going to try and practice what I preach and commit to reducing the number of times I Google "VTI" throughout the day.

For those of you that never review investment returns, I do want to give you a very general understanding of where the market is at. In mid-July, VT - Vanguard Total World Stock Index Fund ETF was down over 20% for the year. At the time of my writing this, VT is down about 13% for the year.

In other words, the last month has been good for the general stock market- and actually the general bond market as well.

I don’t know if mid-July was the bottom. The market could go up or down from here (especially in the short term).

One reason looking at the market frequently is unnecessary for the general investor is that many of the investment principles stay the same regardless of recent investment performance. I believe the general investor should maintain a long-term perspective, not try and time the market, and invest according to their goals and tolerance for volatility.


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