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#96 - Count Your Blessings

Little Known 401k Contribution

Today is the last Saturday in June. We are almost as far away from Thanksgiving as we can get but I wanted to remind you (and me) to continue to be thankful.

We have much to be thankful for.

A couple weeks ago our car died and we were left scrambling trying to find another one. I am thankful for tow drivers, Uber drivers, and for salesmen who are willing to show me cars that I know they won’t make much margin on.

Logically you would think that the more we have the more thankful we are. Unfortunately, we know that isn’t always the case.

I spend much of my time helping clients increase what they have. In reality though, learning contentment with what one already has could be even more life-altering.

Practice thankfulness today by taking just a few short moments to pause and reflect on the blessings in your life. Consider reading a few of the Psalms that express thankfulness (Psalm 33, Psalm 66, Psalm 67, Psalm 100).

Praise God for the blessings in your life!


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