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#6 - A Great Investment

Isn’t it odd how what we find value in and focus on shifts with time. Typically, when our values shift we see the prior value as completely meaningless. For example, when we are 6 years old, what we find under the Christmas tree pretty much determines whether the year will be good or bad. When we are in middle school, all we care about is if we are growing more hair on our legs than the other guys in class. In high school, the shift focuses to how girls or friends respond to our looks or humor. In adulthood, it is easy to get sucked into valuing worldly success (money, toys, and personal significance).

Not too long ago I was on vacation with my wife’s family. When one of my wife’s grandparents was asked what their favorite time of life was, they responded, “The Great Depression.” Really? In my mind, that was a time that lacked much of what we pursue in adulthood (money or toys). They went on to explain how everyone knew everyone. The relationships during that time were deep and rich. They knew their neighbors- like KNEW their neighbors.

Oftentimes when people strip away all that is superficial, they find that the most important aspects of life revolve around relationships. I believe God designed us to be relational. Although many of us know the value in relationships, we often allow our focus to shift to other items. Personally, I know I spend way more time worrying about my fantasy football lineup than whether my wife feels loved and appreciated. Whether you are in middle school counting your leg hair or are an adult worrying about a job promotion don’t forget to invest in relationships.


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