Financial Advice for Travel Nurses

Treavor Dodsworth, CFP®, CPA, CKA®

Dreaming of

Travel Nursing?



Before my wife began traveling, I had an enormous amount of questions.

- How much do travel nurses actually make?

Read blog post Travel Nurse Pay.

- What will we do about health insurance?

- Where will we live during an assignment?

- What do we do with our home?

Many nurses dream of being a travel nurse but unfortunately never take the leap due to financial unknowns. Take the first step by contacting me below. 

Treavor Dodsworth, CFP®, CPA, CKA®


After starting on the road, the questions continued.

- How do I track this varying cash flow?

- Should I sign up for my travel agencies 401k?

- If so, what do I do with the 401k in 13 weeks?

- How do I maintain a tax home? (Learn from our mistakes - ask this question before you leave.)

Many travelers have excess cash flow. If you would like assistance with making the financial benefit last beyond just the years as a travel nurse, please contact me below.






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