In regards to the free tax estimate, this is an estimate only. Actual tax liability or refund could vary perhaps to a significant degree. This should not be construed as investment, legal, and/or tax advice. Please seek out a relationship with a qualified professional to receive investment, legal, and/or tax advice. In addition, any interaction or commentary provided by Sycomore Financial, LLC or its owner does not constitute a tax opinion and are not intended to be used, nor can they be used, by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer. The advisor agrees to work on the tax estimate for 2hrs for free. If the tax estimate will take longer than two hours the advisor may refuse to complete the tax estimate.


Completing a tax estimate allows you to have a rough idea of your tax refund or liability so that you can plan accordingly and hopefully avoid any penalties for underpaying your tax liability. This is even more important for 2018 due to the significant tax law changes that were signed into law this past year.


A few things I caught when doing tax estimates:

  1. A client’s federal tax liability was next to nothing due to his deductions. Instead of waiting until taxes were filed to receive a large refund, he reduced his withholdings so that his paycheck was larger throughout the year.

  2. A client lived in one state and worked in another. Their employer was not withholding any taxes for the state they actually owed tax to.

  3. A client received a large bonus. For some reason, federal withholdings were not taken out of the bonus check. The client was able to adjust their withholdings to make this up so that they will not have a large tax liability when they file their return.


I am offering to do a tax estimate for those interested. It is a simple way that I can help others and in an admittedly nerdy way I actually think it is kind of fun to do. Feel free to send me over your name and email above and I will follow up with how to have your tax estimate completed.






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