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#35 - Being Neighborly

Being Neighborly

A few weeks ago, I linked to an article where someone had given a $9,400 tip to a restaurant in need. This week, I wanted to highlight this spirit of giving. Below are a few examples of how people have been generous to our family (directly or indirectly) over the last several weeks.

  • My brother and sister-in-law bought us a meal out of the blue. They text and asked if we had lunch plans. When we said no, they said food will be there at noon.

  • My brother called and asked how we were doing- offering financial support if it was needed.

  • My in-laws watched our dog for over a month. 

  • Our neighbors bought us lunch. I think this was primarily to say thank you to Allie for the work she is doing as an ER nurse, but I went ahead and took part as well.

  • My mom sent us a care package with some supplies- including the much coveted toilet paper and paper towels.

  • The OB department at Allie’s hospital pooled their money and bought the ER department lunch.

  • One of the doctor’s wives at Allie’s hospital has been calling around to various organizations and asking if they would be willing to donate food to the ER. As a result, there has been a great amount of food available to the ER staff.

In my Sycomore logo are five leaves and two figs. This is symbolism for the story in the Bible of the five loaves and two fish. Five loaves and two fish may not seem like much, but God multiplied it to feed over 5,000 people. I apply this same general idea to little acts of kindness. They may not seem like much, but these little investments of charitable love can generate a significant return- especially if God is the manager. I can tell you the actions listed above were incredibly encouraging and helpful for our family. Thank you to everyone who has been giving back during this time!


Interesting Article(s) or Video(s)

  • This article lists out over 50 companies and how they are giving back during this pandemic.

  • Allstate and American Family Insurance are returning a portion of premiums since customers are driving less.

  • MetroNet is offering a free 60-day internet speed boost since people are at home more during this time.


Thank you for reading! Have you witnessed generosity in recent weeks?


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